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Please take a moment to look at our fundraising site.  We would love to raise money to help more children like Diana come to the US to find their forever families.  Even a few dollars will help! Thank you so much.




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I have decided to begin and end my posts with the word BRAVE to describe Diana.  Diana left yesterday to go home to Colombia.  As we all said goodbye, Diana put on a brave face as she headed home to her foster family in Colombia.  I know she is well aware of the major decisions she has ahead of her.  She will be faced with making decisions that many of us will never have.  I know that she will remain brave in the coming weeks while she contemplates life in Colombia or life in the US. 

Thank you everyone for reading my posts.  I will keep this site up and running with updates on Diana.  Stay tuned as I know there are many exciting posts to come!



Additional Photos

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Day 28 — CARING January 7, 2013

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Today was a great day with Diana.  We went to Sandy Point State Park and collected sea shells. 

Funny Story:

ImageDiana asked me a few times today “You sleepy?”  I would say “no, I am not sleepy” and she would look disappointed that I was not sleepy.  I thought it was odd but did not pay much attention.

Again, tonight Diana said “Molly, you sleepy?”  “No Diana I am not sleepy, porque?”  She looked sad again and motioned to her mouth to make a frown and a smile.  “OH…you want to know if I am HAPPY?”  I said.  “Yes Diana I am happy but I am not sleepy.”  I had to explain to her that I am HAPPY but not SLEEPY.  She was confusing the two words and all day thought I was sad.  Glad we figured that one out.



DAY 26 – THOUGHTFUL January 5, 2013

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As you can tell from my previous posts, Diana is a thoughtful girl who takes other people’s feelings into consideration.  But, today I am using the word THOUGHTFUL in another context.  Diana is thoughtful in that she is currently in the process of giving careful reason and thought of her life with adoption in the US as compared to her life without adoption in Colombia.  This is an important trait and we are all very proud of her thoughtful consideration of her future.  I believe that with the guidance of Kidsave, her Colombian advocates, my family, and others that Diana will make the decision that is best for her.  Please spread the word that Diana is still open to meeting families interested in adoption.  She is hear with us until January 11.



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Please read the message below from Marycarol.  Marycarol has come to know Diana well and her insight on Diana is perfect.
My name is Marycarol, and I have the privilege of writing this blog post for Diana.  My husband, Chris, and I adopted our daughter through the 2009 Kidsave program, and Daniela has been with us for 2-1/2 years.  We learned about Diana through a mutual friend, and I thought it would be fun for Diana to spend some time with another teen who has been through the Kidsave program.  We met Diana and brought her to our house to spend some time with us.  She is just such a nice kid with a ready smile! She loves dancing, so our daughter showed her how to play Dance Party on the Wii.  It was so sweet listening to them chatting and giggling, and doing hair and nails together.  I showed her how to play a couple of chords on the ukulele, but she was pretty shy about that.  We have some more adventures planned, like my Colombian cooking (always an adventure, really!), swimming, and bowling.  I truly hope she connects with her forever family soon.  She’s such a special girl!

Day 22 UNCERTAIN January 3, 2013

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You may have noticed that I have not posted in a while.  We have hit a roadblock and I was waiting to see if it resolved itself before posting.  Today I have chosen the word uncertain to describe Diana because she has been showing signs of fear and uncertainty of adoption.  Rest assured that Kidsave and her advocates from Colombia are working on this with Diana.  Please do not give up on her or on this blog yet.  I will keep you posted as things unfold.

Thank you.